Why are we fighting these plans?

Over 2,500 local people wrote letters of objection and signed petitions to Liverpool City Council’s planning committee against Redrow’s planning applications for the Harthill Estate.

Why did they object?

  • Loss of green space and part of Harthill & Calderstones Park
  • The plans would see 105 trees cut down for the housing development.
  • The development builds on land which Liverpool City Council’s own development plans list as protected “Green Wedge.”
  • Most of the site has historically been part of the park.
  • Displacing Beechley Stables and the Harthill Model Railway will lead to a reduction of public park land in Calderstones Park and Clarkes Gardens.
  • Calderstones School objects to these plans, warning that Harthill Road is already dangerous, and extra traffic from this development will put children at risk.
  • The existing roads and traffic junctions are already dangerous and congested at peak times.
  • Part of the site is believed by archeologists to contain the remains of a Bronze Age Barrow.
  • Wildlife including bird and bat habitats will be disturbed.
  • This development is not needed. There is no shortage of 4 and 5 bedroom houses in the local area.
  • Liverpool City Council’s own estimates state that there is sufficient “Brown Field” land in the city to build 70,000 homes. These sites should be developed before looking to build on green spaces.
  • Building an “executive housing estate” and the way the scheme has been designed, will effect the setting and character of the rest of the park.
  • Liverpool City Council is unlikely to even make much profit from the scheme, after the cost of relocating the disabled riding centre, Calder Kids and Model Railway.